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COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE: Bringing a neutral financial professional to the table.
Photo and blog by Roz Bateman Smith One of the most difficult areas of divorce is the disclosure and financial aspect. In many cases, there may be a home, vehicles, pensions, investments, and debts that have accumulated during the marriage. Determining what these assets and liabilities are and how to distribute them in the divorce can take a great deal of time and a working understanding of community property law. With the help of a neutral financial professional on your Collaborative divorce team, your case will be in good hands.  [Read more...]

COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE – The Top Three Reasons to Choose a team option for your Divorce Resolution by
Photo courtesy of Ann Buscho Collaborative Divorce provides divorcing parties with the expertise of a family law attorney to ensure fair results in the divorce proceeding using a team approach and the benefit of not having to go to court. Collaborative divorce experts also include therapists (both for the children and the parties); tax experts, financial experts to determine what the community estate is worth and how it is best divided, property experts and many other experts that can help families negotiate the often difficult and emot  [Read more...]

About Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire (CCRE)

CCRE is a group of professionals interested in avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts. Our group is a multi-disciplinary, multi-field group open to all professionals interested in Collaborative conflict resolution. Read more . . .

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“Divorce is never easy but the collaborative process made mine bearable.  I had more control and therefore less stress and anxiety because I had an active role.”

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