Divorce Options Workshop

A Community Service Open to Those Who Want to Learn More About the Process of Divorce.  LGBT welcome.

Thinking about divorce?  Just say KNOW. 

CCRE 2014 Divorce Options Flyer CCRE 2014 Divorce Options Flyer (5474 KB)


WHERE: The Collaborative Practice Center: 829 Sonoma Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA

WHEN: The second Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. until 12:00 p.m.  The 2014 schedule:

  • January 11
  • February 8
  • March 8
  • April 12
  • May 10
  • June 14
  • July 12
  • August 9
  • September 13
  • October 11
  • November 8
  • December 13

COST: $35 pre-registration, $45 at the door
To register: www.divorceoptions.eventbrite.com

Divorce is very hard - it's hard when you are the one who wants it; it's hard when you are the one who doesn't want it.  It's hard when your kids are little; it's hard when your kids are big.  And it's hard when times are good - but it's particularly hard in times of economic uncertainty. 

What is a skillful divorce and how is it achieved?  Members of the Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire (CCRE), a group of attorneys, financial professionals, and mental health professionals, will provide a panel presentation on divorce options at the above location and time.  The discussion will cover the full range of choices people have as they contemplate divorce, focusing on the non-adversarial  out-of-court options, including "Collaborative Practice" and mediation.  This is a unique opportunity for the public to learn about resources they can draw on to plan a skillful and effective transition that honors the needs and interests of all family members.  The program will be particularly useful to anyone thinking about divorce or other relational transition including LGBT couples looking for a process that is sensitive to their unique needs and for those who advise and help people through the divorce/transition process.

CCRE is a group of professionals interested in avoiding court battles and power struggles to resolve conflicts.  The group consists of family, probate and civil attorneys, mental health professionals, financial professionals and others professionals.

Don't know where to turn?  Just say KNOW.  

By learning about divorce and the different process options available you can maximize your ability to make good decisions during the difficult and challenging time.  Divorce Options is a workshop designed to help people take the next step, no matter where they are in the process.  It can identify strategies to help you stay OUT of court, and help you identify the social, emotional, legal, and financial issues that are most pressing for you. 

Take charge of your social, emotional, legal and financial life.  Educate yourself at Divorce Options.

QUESTIONS? Call (707) 523-0570(707) 523-0570 FREE or email at DivorceOptions@hotmail.com.